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Looking for health cover suitable for your residency, visa, NIE application?

The insurance must be full coverage with no co-payments. The following policies cover these requirements.

The insurance must be full coverage with no co-payments. The following policy cover these requirements.

Sanitas Mas Salud

Sanitas Mas Salud Range

Sanitas Mas Salud and Mas Salud Family are one of our most complete and most contracted insurance policies. Complete health care + hospitalisation. Perfect for applying for residency or visa.

Sanitas 90000

Sanitas Mas 90.000

Sanitas Plus 90,000 brings together in a single policy all the advantages of a complete medical insurance policy with reimbursement (70% of expenses up to a total amount of 90,000 €).

Sanitas 500000

Sanitas Premium 500.000

Sanitas Premium 500.000 is one of our best plans that offer you the most extensive and complete medical assistance exclusive to Sanitas. (90% reimbursement with a limit of €500,000).

Sanitas Professionals

Sanitas Professional

Sanitas Professional offers complete assistance, it’s tailored for self-employed in Spain and their families to cover all necessities. To contract this cover will need proof of last autonomo payment.

Wanna live in Spain?

Spanish digital nomad residency for you and your family

Sanitas Digital Nomads

Enjoy living and working in Spain with advantageous tax treatment
From €29
  • Coverage 100% medical expenses
  • Repatriation Addon
  • Dental 21 Addon

Sanitas Health Plan Complete

The most complete medical coverage for european residents in Spain
From €102 Monthly
  • Second European Country Cover
  • Coverage in the United States
  • Dental Cover

Living between your origin country and Spain

Don’t pay for health insurance in both countries.

Europe Sanitas
Sanitas Insurance Spain
Sanitas USA Spain

Sanitas Health plan complete covers your medical needs in your home country, Spain, and also has the added bonus of assistance in the United States.

Wanna study in Spain?

You will need private health insurance


Sanitas International Students

Come study in Spain without worries
From €33
  • Coverage 100% medical expenses
  • Repatriation Addon
  • Dental 21 Addon
Get residency visa spain

Visa / Residency Spain

Do you need health insurance for your visa, residency or NIE application? If so we have a range of plans to choose from, starting with our top selling product, the Mas Salud plan or Mas Salud Family.

Bupa Insurance

BUPA To Sanitas

Are you currently a member of BUPA and are living in or moving to Spain? If so, then you will be able to transfer your cover to Sanitas without loss of benefits and with all services available to you from the date of your transfer.

health insurances for expats

Expat Worldwide Cover

In case you travel a lot, we can offer you a selection of plans with international coverage included or you can choose a Spain-only policy and add one of our additional worldwide reimbursement options.

Dental plans in spain

Dental Plans

We take care of your dental health with the guarantee of a large health group. Professional experts in all branches of dentistry and personalized treatment. Treatments within your reach, with financing to suit you.

family insurances spain

Individual & Family health Insurance

Our private health insurance offers direct access to some of the best doctors and hospitals in Spain, accompanied by first-rate customer service. Whether you want to see a doctor by videoconference or a specialist in another country, we aim to offer an exceptional network of choice.

international students

Students Health Insurance

Are you coming to study in Spain? Are you between 18 and 35 years old? Have you been accepted by a college, university or are you coming to study for a master's degree? Then we have a plan designed especially for you. This policy meets visa and residency requirements.

Business Insurances

Professional Health Insurance

Our business and professional health insurances can help you attract and retain top talent. No matter where your employees live, they will be covered and worry-free, we take care of everything. You can offer them direct access to the best doctors and hospitals..

Customized Insurances

Create your own insurance

One of the biggest advantages of Sanitas is the flexibility of its plans. Sanitas offers a wide range of optional coverage so that you can design your own insurance, with a price and coverages that best suit your needs. Reimbursements, discounts, home services, etc.

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