Digital BluaU Smart Addon

Health that adapts to you and evolves with you

From €14 / Month

Sanitas Digital BluaU Smart Coverage

You will be able to personalise it by choosing the coverage you prefer

The bluaU digital add-on that adapts to your needs and evolves with you. With this digital add-on, in addition to having the most innovative digital capabilities for your health care, you can personalise it by choosing the coverages you prefer.

Videoconsultation with specialists: Available in all medical specialties, such as General Medicine, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Cardiology and Dermatology, etc. (Includes specialties that can be attended in a digital consultation).


24-hour emergencies

General and paediatric care. No appointment necessary.

Digital consultation today

To connect with doctors in 10 specialties on the same day.

Monitor your health

You will be able to digitally follow up with a medical team on certain health profiles such as weight control, asthma, arrhythmias, blood pressure, pregnancy or Covid 19.

Vital signs measurement by facial image

So you can measure your vital signs yourself in just a few minutes.
  • Heart rate
  • Breathing rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Stress level
  • Risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack
  • Risk of brain disease

Digital coaching programs: Available on the Sanitas App, which will allow you to track your activity and your progress to help you achieve your goals.

Digital nutrition programme

Helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Digital personal trainer programme

To improve your physical condition.

Digital Pregnancy Programme

For a healthy pregnancy and postpartum.

Digital child health programme

For everything you need to know about your child’s development up to the age of 14.

Preventive digital programme

To help you prevent illnesses, working in areas such as nutrition, physical activity and the promotion of healthy habits.

In addition to many more programmes available via video consultation:

Pelvic floor care, psychology programme, smoking cessation, etc.

Customise your BluaU Smart digital add-on: You will need to choose a minimum of two of the following coverages to be able to purchase your BluaU Smart digital add-on

We take care of you at home

You will have at your disposal a series of home services so that you can enjoy Sanitas services without leaving your home (analysis, delivery of medicines from the pharmacy and nursing).

We take care of your pet

We offer you a specific pack of coverage for the care of pets (dogs and cats).

Financial assistance in the event of unforeseen circumstances

We help you in unforeseen situations related to illness or hospitalisation.

Unemployment protection

We help and protect you if you lose your job.

Physiotherapy at home

To make your physiotherapy session as comfortable as possible, a physiotherapist will come to your home.


A complete pharmacy cover with which you can benefit from the delivery of medicines as well as the reimbursement of expenses.

Emotional wellbeing

To improve health through the healthy management of emotions for the whole family.

Reimbursement for children

We offer you financial assistance to better meet the medical expenses of your little ones for educational speech therapy and orthopaedic equipment.


For the dental health of the whole family, you will have specific dental coverage with a preventive approach.


We offer you financial assistance for travel assistance.

Why add this coverage to your policy?

The Digital BluaU Smart add-on  offers our clients the exclusive video consultation service, which allows them to connect with our specialists from their mobile phones, wherever they are. And you have the possibility to choose which services you want within your policy:
  • Videoconsultation: Specialists + 24-hour emergencies (general and paediatric care) + Personalised health plans: Nutrition, Personal Trainer, Children’s Health, Pregnancy, Psychology, Pelvic Floor, Smoking cessation, etc.
  • Innovation: Vital signs measurement + Monitor your health: Connected Health + Immediate digital consultation + Preventive digital programme
  • You have 10 different options to add to your policy. You have seen them described above. You have to choose a minimum of two options.

What are the hiring conditions?

  • Grace Period: No
  • Hiring: Individual, not compulsory for all members of the policy. Different bluaU digital supplements can coexist in the same policy.
  • Available at any time.
  • Age of recruitment: No age limit on recruitment
  • Preexistence: No.

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BluaU Smart Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy and Psychology reimbursement can be requested from the My Sanitas Reimbursement section.

It can be requested by telephone on 913536348 or directly through My sanitas. In the digital application it will be necessary to attach the medical prescription with the medicine. If you request it by telephone, a taxi service will come to your home to pick up the prescription so that you can buy the medicine and deliver it later.

Calling the list of laboratories by province that appear in my sanitas.

In the event of not being able to go to the gym due to injury, the insured person may request a refund of the gym membership fee up to a maximum of €80 per month and for 2 consecutive months (160 € in total). The insured must call 91 353 63 48 to request the service. A medical report and the invoice for the gym fee will be requested in order to be able to provide the service.

If insured persons make a video consultation, they will be attended by psychologists from the Sanitas team, the same ones who can attend them in person. If the insured person carries out an SPS emotional wellbeing programme, they will be attended by the psychologists of the SPS platform, who do not provide face-to-face consultations. If the insured person goes to a psychologist for reimbursement, he/she will be able to go to any psychologist in the world, whether he/she belongs to Sanitas (once he/she has completed the sessions included in his/her policy) or not.

Yes, a medical prescription will be necessary to request the service, except in the case of bluaU Premium in which the first two services will be without prescription. The following services must be prescribed by any doctor. The prescription can be made by any doctor.

Reimbursement for psychology can be requested through the usual Sanitas reimbursement procedure, via App or web

You will be reimbursed 80% up to 300€ and with a limit of 5 sessions per insured person per year. The financial limit is independent of the number of sessions.

No, no risk underwriting or waiting periods will be required for home psychology and physiotherapy reimbursement services or for any of the digital add-on services (home pharmacy, gym membership), even if your main health product is with qualifying and pre-existing conditions.

No, psychoanalysis is excluded from the cover for psychology and would therefore also not be provided through the reimbursement cover.

In addition to psychoanalysis, the following are also excluded from coverage: psychoanalytic therapy, hypnosis, treatment of narcolepsy and psychosocial rehabilitation services or neuropsychiatry.

It can be requested by telephone on 913536348 or directly through My sanitas. The digital application form must be accompanied by the medical prescription.

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