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Spain is one of the most demanded countries in the world to obtain a residence permit, thanks to factors such as being one of the safest countries in the world, its climate, gastronomy, or economic conditions.

Types of Residency in Spain

Depending on the length of stay in Spain, there are two types of visas

  • Short-term Visa
    • They allow you to reside in Spain for a maximum of 90 days, without being able to work. They are known as Tourist Visa or Schengen Visa.
  • Long-term Visa
    • These are those that allow a stay of more than 90 days, and may offer the possibility of a work permit in Spain.

Since obtaining a Tourist Visa is relatively simple depending on where you come from, we are going to focus on long-term visas.

Given Spain’s membership in the European Union, we again have two quite different situations depending on whether a citizen of the European Union or of the rest of the world applies for it.

How to obtain a Visa in Spain for EU citizens

In this case you must apply for the UE Registration Certificate, a permanent residence permit that does not expire.

The procedure is not too complicated, since you only need to prove that you have 6,000 € in a bank account, in addition to having a private medical insurance, without co-payment, such as our Mas Salud Heatlh Insurance.

Another option is to get a job, so it would only be necessary to present the paycheck instead of the bank account, in addition to the health insurance.

How to obtain a visa in Spain for non-EU citizens

In this case we have several options, depending on the type of residence we choose. Let’s see all the existing possibilities:

Visa for Foreign Students in Spain

If you come to Spain to study for a limited period of time (you know the start and end date of your studies) in an institution with regulated training. Normally, it will be considered as such the one that offers an officially recognized degree.

Where do I apply for a Student Visa?

You have two ways, which are equally valid:

  • You can apply at the Spanish consulate in the country where you reside.
  • Travel to Spain as a tourist and apply for it within a maximum period of 60 days.

Obviously, we recommend the first option as it avoids risks in case of any unforeseen event.

The length of validity of this visa will depend on the studies to be undertaken, ranging from a few months to several years. Once you finish your studies, this visa will expire, so you will be able to apply for another type of visa or you will have to leave the country.

Another aspect to take into account is that if your studies last more than 9 months, you can obtain the TIE (Identity Card for Foreigners).

One of the requirements you must fulfill is to have a private health insurance. For this we have a specific insurance for foreign students in Spain, Sanitas International Students.

Non-profit Visa

In case you are not coming to work or study in Spain, you have the option to apply for a non-profit visa. It is important to know that you do not have a work permit with this type of Visa.

How to obtain a non-profit visa in Spain?

  • Depending on the country of origin, and depending on the agreements they have with Spain, these may vary. The minimum requirements are as follows.
  • You must prove sufficient economic capacity to be economically solvent while residing in Spain. For it, you will have to prove that you have in a bank account 4 times the annual IPREM. This indicator varies every year, so you should consult it beforehand here. In 2022, this amounts to about €28,000.
  • To have a private health insurance suitable for residence, i.e. with full coverage and no co-payments. Again, we can offer you the Mas Salud Insurance or if you are planning to move to Spain with children or are thinking about having them, we have Mas Salud Familia.

The Non-Profit Visa must be applied for at the Spanish Consulate in your country, it is not possible to enter Spain with another Visa and apply for it later. At the consulate the staff will tell you the specific requirements to obtain it depending on your nationality.

Golden Visa

This type of visa is designed for large investors in real estate, shares or Spanish public debt. The investment required varies depending on the type of investment:

  • Invest at least €2,000,000 in Spanish Treasury bonds.
  • Invest at least €1,000,000 in shares of Spanish companies.
  • Deposit at least €1,000,000 in Spanish bank accounts.
  • Investment of €500,000 in real estate located in Spain.

How to obtain the Golden Visa in Spain?

The requirements are:

  • Not to reside illegally in Spain.
  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Have sufficient income to support themselves in Spain (€2,130 per month for the applicant and €532 for each dependent family member).
  • Have a Health Insurance with full coverage and no co-payments. For this type of client we recommend our most complete options, Sanitas Mas 90000  & Sanitas Mas 500000.

Entrepreneur Visa

To apply for this visa, the requirement is to set up a business project in Spain sufficiently innovative and technological, and that both the Ministry of Economy and the UGE value it as such.

Also in this case it is necessary to have a Health Insurance, like our Business Health Insurance which we can help you with.

Employee Worker Visa

In case you want to reside in Spain, this is one of the most difficult paths. Two assumptions are contemplated for this case:

Being a highly qualified worker, with a high salary and preferably management positions. In this case you can apply for the Visa once inside Spain.

Or to have a profession in which there is a shortage in Spain, which is not easy. In this case, your employer must be the one to do the paperwork, and you will not be able to travel to Spain until the work permit is granted.

Other Visas

There are other situations in which special visas can be obtained, such as having refugee status, family reunification, roots, or a community card.

In order to obtain any visa, it is necessary not to have a criminal record under the Spanish legal system.

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