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This policy is suitable for residency / N.I.E. / visa.

Health care for foreign students in Spain

Sanitas International Students is a comprehensive medical cover for foreigners who are studying in Spain and are between 14 and 35 years old. This insurance covers all the medical needs of foreign students during their stay in Spain (a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 1 year).


This policy meets all the necessary requirements for your visa application in case you need it to enter Spain. Visa requirements: No copays, no qualification periods and repatriation to the country of origin. Sanitas International Students complies with all the points mentioned


This policy is extremely complete. You will be covered at all times, so that you do not get distracted from your studies. You will have access to doctors, specialists, emergencies, second medical opinion, surgical interventions, hospitalization, emergencies at home, emergencies on your trips outside of Spain, dental coverage and in the fateful case of death, covers repatriation to your country of origin.


You choose which doctors you want to visit and which hospital you want to be in within our provider network. You don’t need to wait, you don’t have to fill out forms, you don’t have to pay anything. Do not waste your time, it is simple, you arrive and we will assist you.

Personalised video-consultation plans

Exclusive video consultation service where our experts will help you design and implement fully digital and personalised health plans for the whole family. Digital programmes on: Nutrition, Personal Trainer, Pregnancy, Child Health, Psychology, Pelvic Floor Care, Smoking Cessation, Physiotherapy, etc.

24-hour emergencies by videoconference

If you have any medical emergency you can connect, wherever you are, with a doctor from the 24-hour emergency service via video consultation, in just a few minutes and without the need for an appointment, both for general emergencies and paediatric care.

Choose a Specialists

Choose from Sanitas top professionals: 40,000 specialists and 700 private clinics throughout Spain. You can also visit any other healthcare centre or doctor of your choice, whether in Spain or anywhere else in the world.

The largest network of professionals

Sanitas has the largest network in Spain, with the best professionals. This network covers all aspects of your health. We have the best medical treatments and services available.

Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19 is fully covered.

Online Platform

You will have your own online account within the Sanitas platform. From where you can search for doctors and filter those who speak your language.

Multilingual Support Department

Sanitas support department is multilingual.

Policy Documents

Sanitas has the policy documents in English or Spanish.

Customise your insurance

We have different complements so that you can design the policy to your liking.

Travel Assistance Addon

Travel Assistance: We collaborate with Europ Assistance. Limit of 12.000 per person, per claim.

Sanitas Dental 21 Addon

Includes more than 30 services and up to 21% discount on other treatments.

Videoconsultation with specialists: Available in all medical specialties, such as General Medicine, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Cardiology and Dermatology, etc. (Includes specialties that can be attended in a digital consultation).


24-hour emergencies

General and paediatric care. No appointment necessary.

Digital consultation today

To connect with doctors in 10 specialties on the same day.

Monitor your health

You will be able to digitally follow up with a medical team on certain health profiles such as weight control, asthma, arrhythmias, blood pressure, pregnancy or Covid 19.

Vital signs measurement by facial image

So you can measure your vital signs yourself in just a few minutes.
  • Heart rate
  • Breathing rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Stress level
  • Risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack
  • Risk of brain disease

Digital coaching programs: Available on the Sanitas App, which will allow you to track your activity and your progress to help you achieve your goals.

Digital nutrition programme

Helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Digital personal trainer programme

To improve your physical condition.

Digital Pregnancy Programme

For a healthy pregnancy and postpartum.

Digital child health programme

For everything you need to know about your child’s development up to the age of 14.

Preventive digital programme

To help you prevent illnesses, working in areas such as nutrition, physical activity and the promotion of healthy habits.

In addition to many more programmes available via video consultation:

Pelvic floor care, psychology programme, smoking cessation, etc.

What is covered?

Primary healthcare & Emergencies

General medicine, ambulance service, Sanitas 24h, special care at home, paediatrics, nursing services and emergencies, etc. We also include a second Medical Opinion.

Medical Fees

It includes 100% complete coverage within the Sanitas network of doctors and hospitals in Spain.

Hospitalisation with Private Room

Includes operating theatre and medication expenses in a conventional, individual room with a bed for your visitor. (except for Psychiatric hospitalisation).

Access to doctors and medical specialties

Access to the entire network in Spain of doctors and specialists. Dermatology, allergology, psychiatry, endocrinology, urology, cardiology, ophthalmology, gynaecology, traumatology, oncology, diet and nutrition, etc.

Surgery: Inpatient and outpatient

Preventive medicine and Psychology services

Prevention of breast and cervical cancer, prevention of coronary risk and prevention of colorectal cancer. Treatment for issues such as depression, anorexia, insomnia, marriage counselling and stress.

Therapeutic Methods and Diagnostic Tests

Endoscopies, ultrasound, x-rays, mammograms, smear tests, clinical analysis and tests (including antenatal care), MRI/CAT scans, etc. Also including cancer treatments, rehab, speech therapy, radiotherapy, respiratory, etc.

Technology MRI/CAT scans

We use the most advanced technology giving precise diagnosis for the detection of tumours and other internal conditions.

Repatriation Addon

Repatriation is an important aspect for a foreigner. In the unfortunate case of death in Spain, this coverage will cover the expenses of repatriation to your country of origin. Even to the city where the burial takes place. More information

Emergency care on your trips

Travel Assistance: We collaborate with Europ Assistance. Limit of 12.000 per person, per claim. More information

Dental 21 Addon

Choose from 30 different services + all other dental treatments at a 21% discount. More information

What is NOT covered?

Assistance related to

  • Traffic Accidents
  • Accidents at Work
  • Practising Risky Sports

Assistance provided outside Sanitas

Assistance provided in public centers or outside the Sanitas network

Preventive medical check-ups

Pre-contract illnesses

Any health condition of the insured known prior to enrollment in the contract and assessed as not covered according to Sanitas' technical criteria.

Voluntary termination of pregnancy

Childbirth preparation program and infant health program.

Any medical benefit that is directly related to pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care is excluded.

Health care derived from

Drug addiction, chronic alcoholism, intoxication due to the abuse of alcohol, psychotropic drugs, narcotics or hallucinogens, attempted suicide and self-injury, illnesses or accidents caused by the insured's gross negligence or fault.

Any aesthetic or cosmetic treatment or intervention

Medicines not marketed in Spain

Bariatric surgery, radiosurgery, parkinson's surgery, and robotic surgery.

We will be with you at all times

Sanitas health insurance includes a series of services that facilitate better health care and communication with the insurance company.

Videoconsultation 24h

Urgent medical care by video consultation without an appointment 24 hours.

Online transactions

Request appointments, download analyses, reimbursement requests, medical authorisations, etc., through the My Sanitas customer area.

Sanitas Welcome

24-hour telephone service to speed up procedures.

We will be with you at all times

Sanitas health insurance includes a series of services that facilitate better health care and communication with the insurance company.

Videoconsultation 24h

Urgent medical care by video consultation without an appointment 24 hours.

Online transactions

Request appointments, download analyses, etc.

Sanitas Welcome

24-hour telephone service to speed up procedures.

Sanitas International Students is an insurance with no co-payment

Sanitas International Students is an insurance with no qualification periods


Age of recruitmentMaximum age of stayDiscounts
Students between 14 and 35 years oldMaximum limit of 35 years of age4% annual payment discount
Payment typeCoverage usage time
Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annuallyThis product will have a minimum stay of 3 months and a maximum stay of 1 year

Where you can access the Sanitas International Student coverages

Coverage at national level in Spain.
Emergency assistance insurance for foreign travel up to 12.000 Euros.

Student visa requirements

Our Sanitas International Students insurance adapts to the requirements of the student visa required to enter Spain, which are:

  • The student will have to have full health care insurance.
  • The insurance does not have to have copays.
  • There will be no qualification periods so that the student can enjoy the services from the first day.
  • The policy must include repatriation coverage

Specific insurance requirements

To contract this medical insurance, the duration of the course must be greater than 3 months. The duration of the contract will be adapted to the period of time you are studying in Spain and can only be contracted individually. In the online contracting process you have to indicate the following information:

  • Be between 14 and 35 years old.
  • An address of residence in Spain.
  • A valid document (NIF, CIF, Passport, or NIE).
  • Bank account number or Visa, MasterCard or American Express card (card is only possible in online contracts).

In the penultimate step of the online hiring process you have to attach the course accreditation (acceptance letter or registration) and a copy of your passport if you do not have a NIE.

While you think about it, download the terms and conditions.

Do you have any questions? Find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ

Start enjoying it today by booking online:

The Premiums are valid during the first contractual annuity for new registrations of new policies with an effective date between 04/01/2020 and 12/31/2021. All premiums are subject to 0.015% Insurance Compensation Consortium tax. The insurance contract is annual and will be renewed by successive annuities unless one of the parties indicates otherwise in the terms established in the policy. Real time quotes will vary depending on age and the place of residence of the insured.

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How long does it take to formalize my policy?

24 business hours.

Is COVID-19 covered on this policy?

Coronavirus COVID-19 is fully covered.

From what moment can I use my policy?

From the first moment, since the Sanitas International Students policy has no qualification periods.

Are there copays?

Sanitas International Students plan has NO co-payments.

If I need to make an appointment, can I go to any medical center and any specialist that I want?

You can choose from more than 50.000 medical professionals and more than 4.200 healthcare centers nationwide.

What dental cover is included with this plan?

The Sanitas International Students plan includes Sanitas Dental 21. Includes more than 30 services and up to 21% discount on other treatments.

Should I notify about previous pathologies before contracting the Sanitas International Students insurance?

Yes, you must fill out the form with all your previous and current pathologies. On the form it is referred to as “your pre-existing conditions.” If you have declared any previous or current pathology, one of our doctors will call you confidentially. The doctor will make a fair and complete assessment.

What is the minimum duration of the policy?

The minimum stay in this product will be 3 months. It can be extended as long as the insured continues to study and thus proves it.

Do I have coverage abroad? What would I have to do in case of need?

You will have coverage for medical emergencies that you may need on trips abroad, with a limit of up to € 12,000 per year.

Is my age important? Is there an age limit?

Only available to students between 14 and 35 years old

If a doctor prescribes a test for me, what do I have to do? Do you have to authorize me?

There are tests that need authorization from Sanitas. In that case, you can request authorization through the My Sanitas app or call our customer service numbers.

Does the Sanitas Students plan have qualification periods?


What tests and services will I be covered by having a preexistence?

The registration procedure is like this:

  • In the event that an insured has suffered something prior to hiring, he / she declares it by filling in the medical questionnaire that appears in the second step of hiring.
  • The policy remains in pending status.
  • The Medical department calls you to assess the pathology.
  • Once assessed, they inform you if any coverage is limited or if 100% of the services correspond to you.
  • At that moment, it is you who decides whether to register the policy or if, on the contrary, you reject it at no cost on your part.
Sanitas International Students have a maximum stay of one year, what happens if the course to be taken is longer than this period?

If you prove that you are studying for more than one year, this can happen with two-year master’s or postgraduate degrees. If you show the duration of the course you will not have to cancel the year.

If they present master's or postgraduate degrees of more than two years, is it necessary to present proof each year?

Yes, each renewal must justify the school year.

Can it be contracted for all members of the policy?

This product is a one-man contract, if the student comes with a family, they must sign up for another Sanitas product (eg, Mas Salud).

Can someone else pay for my insurance?

Yes, it can be hired, for example, by the parents, who pay the insurance to the children.

What if I want to stay in Spain after my studies? Alternatives to continue in Sanitas?

If you decide to stay in Spain, we can offer you a product from the Sanitas range, we will facilitate your entry so that you do not lose your seniority rights.

Are there any restrictions in terms of coverage?
  • Emergency assistance abroad: 12.000 euros. Insured/Year, Maximum 90 consecutive days for travel.
  • Psychology: max. 4 consultations / month and limit of 15 sessions / Insured / year.
  • Psychiatry: max. 50 days / Insured / year.
  • Podiatry: max. 12 sessions / Insured / year.
  • Ambulance: Does not include transfers for physiotherapy treatments, diagnostic tests or consultation assistance.
  • Only health care for the newborn will be covered as long as he is discharged as a Sanitas Insured.
  • This product has no waiting periods.
Where am I covered?
  • The services are provided throughout the Spanish territory.
  • For emergency assistance abroad, services are provided all over the world.
What are my obligations?
  • The Policyholder is obliged to answer the health questionnaire truthfully so that SANITAS can make a correct assessment of the risk. In the event of falsehood or omission in this declaration, SANITAS may terminate the insurance contract.
  • The Policyholder is obliged to pay the price in the manner and within the terms agreed with SANITAS.
  • The Insured must present their SANITAS card, as well as their identity document if required when receiving the services.
When and how do I have to make payments?

The price of the insurance is annual and can be divided as agreed.
This product has co-payments.
Payment will be made by direct debit on the contracting party’s bank account or other forms of payment provided that they are expressly agreed in the insurance application.

When does coverage begin and end?

The insurance contract will have the duration specified in the particular conditions, and may vary from three monthly payments to a full annuity as agreed, and may be extended up to one more annuity, provided that the Insured certifies that he continues to study in Spain.

How can I terminate the contract?

The contract is for a specified duration, expressly indicated in the Particular Conditions, and will be terminated on its expiration date without the need for communication from the Insurance Contracting Party or the Insurer.

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