Sanitas Dental 21

More than 30 free services

€7.50 / Month (Addon)

Coverage & Services
Sanitas Dental 21

Sanitas Dental 21 offers you a wide range of dental services that will allow you to carry out a comprehensive follow-up of your oral health at a very advantageous price.

Sanitas Dental 21 is one of our most popular dental plans. For this reason, we have included it in several of our star health insurance policies and it cannot be contracted as a stand-alone product.

With Sanitas Dental 21 you can enjoy:

  • Prevention: more than 30 services free in the policy from the first day.
  • Savings: access to more than 170 services with discounts of up to 21% on the average market price for other treatments.
  • Access to the wide network of dentists nationwide and to our Milenium Dental Centers Network, with more than 170 clinics.
You can find this dental insurance in:
Any Mas Salud plan
Any professional plan
Sanitas students
And it can be added as a complement, with a monthly cost of €7.50, in the following insurances:
Any Health Plan
Sanitas Primero
Sanitas Mundi 1 Million

More than 30 dental services included.

Highly qualified professionals.

Latest technology in equipment and top-quality materials

Available with or without co-payments.

No age limit or permanence.

Services with franchised prices at a discount of up to 21%.

No waitings periods or pre-existing conditions. The insured can enjoy from the first day.

Access to our national network of dental centers and our network of millenium dental clinics

No cost for children under 6 years of age included in their parents' policy.

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Premium valid during the first contractual annuity for new registrations of new policies with effect date between 01/04/2021 and 01/02/2022 on which the surcharge of the Insurance Compensation Consortium will be applied 0.15% of the premium net Maximum age of employment 60 years and without limit of age of permanence. The indicated premiums will vary depending on the place of residence of the insured. Specifically: Ibiza, Menorca have a surcharge of 15%, Mallorca 4% and the province of Barcelona 5%.

Services & Treatments

The following treatments and services are included within your Sanitas Dental plan

  • General consultation: screening and diagnosis
  • Dental cleaning


  • Maintenance of highly aesthetic veneers
  • Post-treatment mouth guard with digital design
  • Occlusion analysis
  • Orthodontic x-ray exam


  • 1st adjustment of metal braces
  • 1st adjustment of ceramic braces
  • 1st adjustment of Sapphire braces
  • 1st adjustment of self-ligating braces
  • 1st adjustment of cosmetic self-ligating braces
  • 1st adjustment of Damon braces
  • 1st adjustment of Damon Clear braces (Aesthetic)
  • Orthodontic mouth guard (for treatments conducted at the same clinic)
  • Periapical/bitewing/occlusal radiography
  • Lateral cranium x-ray
  • Orthopantomography (panoramic)
  • Cephalometry
  • Intraoral camera photographs
  • Photographs and slides for monitoring and end of treatment
  • CAT scan (dental)
  • Orthodontic x-ray exam
  • Consultation in case of emergency


  • Extraction (single tooth)
  • Impacted tooth (non-third molar) extraction including periapical cysts*
  • Non-impacted third molar (wisdom tooth) extraction*
  • Impacted third molar (wisdom tooth) extraction including periapical cysts*
  • Root extraction
  • Extraction by sectioning
  • Postoperative check-up (including suture removal)


  • Biopsy
PAEDIATRIC DENTISTRY (children under 15)
  • Consultation
  • Oral health education
  • Intraoral x-ray
  • Dental cleaning
  • Primary tooth extraction
  • Periodontal x-ray series
  • Implant maintenance for Milenium-guaranteed treatments
  • Overdenture maintenance (includes cleaning and disinfection)
    for treatments under Milenium guarantee
  • Hybrid prosthesis and bar overdenture maintenance (includes cleaning
    and disinfection) for treatments included under Milenium guarantee
  • Occlusion analysis

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Dental 21 Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any co-payments?

Sanitas Dental 21 is not available as a stand-alone product.

If you add Sanitas Dental 21 to an insurance with no co-payments, then you will not have to pay any co-payments. Plans such as Sanitas Mas Salud, Sanitas Mas 90, Sanitas Mundi 1 Million and Sanitas BLUA.

If you add Sanitas Dental 21 to an insurance with co-payment, then every time you use one of the 30 included services a co-payment of 3 euros will be applied. Plans such as Sanitas Mas Salud Plus, Sanitas Mas Salud Optima, Health Plan Basic, Health Plan Classic and Sanitas Primero.

Can I add my children to the policy?


Where am I covered?

Through a wide range of dentists made up of more than 180 Milenium Dental Clinics and a network of more than 2,000 professionals nationwide.

What are my obligations?
  • The Contracting Party is obliged to pay the price in the manner and within the periods agreed with SANITAS.
  • The Insured must present their SANITAS card, as well as their identity document if required, when receiving the services.
When and how do I have to make payments?

The price of the insurance is annual and can be divided as agreed.
This product has co-payments.
Payment will be made by direct debit on the contracting party’s bank account or other forms of payment provided that they are expressly agreed in the insurance application.

When does coverage begin and end?

The insurance contract is annual and comes into effect at 00:00 on the contracted start date. It will be automatically renewed annually, unless the policyholder or SANITAS indicates otherwise.

How can I terminate the contract?

On the date of termination of the insurance contract, it shall be tacitly extended for successive periods of one year unless one of the parties (Sanitas or the contracting party) opposes one of these extensions by giving two months’ notice to the other party if it is Sanitas who gives the notice and one month if it is the contracting party.

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