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Sanitas Income Protection Coverage

Compensation while you are hospitalized

Extra help when you need it most. Taking care of yourself does not only mean taking care of your health. Therefore, while you are hospitalized, Sanitas helps you financially so that you only think about your recovery.

Sanitas Renta helps the client with the payment of a daily compensation of € 60 of hospitalization of the insured due to:

  • Illness requiring hospital care.
  • Surgical intervention.
  • Accident.

Why add this coverage to your policy?

It is the perfect complement to medical insurance that includes hospitalization, since not only will your surgical intervention or hospitalization be covered, but we also offer financial assistance in case it happens: € 60 / day, for those expenses that may arise during hospitalization such as travel, taxis, family meals, unforeseen events, etc.

It allows the insured to be calm in the face of the problems of being hospitalized and not worry about anything other than recovery. Because for Sanitas recovery and well-being come first.

What does it cover?

The coverage of this supplement provides the insured with a daily compensation of € 60 in the event of hospitalization, accident or surgery.


  • Basic daily compensation, € 60 for each day of detention.
  • Compensation for stay in UVI or UCI: double the daily sum insured.
  • Compensation for entering a province other than the usual residence: 50% more than the daily sum insured.
  • Daily compensation coverage for childbirth or cesarean section: a single daily compensation of 6 days.
  • Convalescence: 50% more than the sum insured daily during the 5 days after the surgical intervention while you remain hospitalized.
  • Compensation: double compensation per day of admission if expenses are not paid by Sanitas

And also all this from the first day of hospitalization until you leave the hospital (maximum 365 days).

What are the hiring conditions?

  • Grace Period: 8 Months
  • Hiring: Individual (It is not necessary that it be hired by all the policyholders).
  • Available at any time.
  • Age of recruitment: 0-75 years of age.
  • Preexistence: Yes, in the case of previous pathologies, the client must undergo risks and the declared pathologies may be conditioned.

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Renta Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in the hospital it means that you are not working, but the bills keep coming in. This coverage will provide the peace of mind of knowing that some of your financial responsibilities will be taken care of.

The daily compensation will accrue from the first day of hospital admission and during the entire time that the insured person appears as admitted to a hospital (clinic or sanatorium), until his hospital discharge documented and with a maximum of 365 days.

The insured must submit the following documentation to Sanitas:

  • Form of application for compensation.
  • Original medical prescriptions of the hospital services rendered.
  • Hospital discharge report, showing admission date and discharge date.
  • When continuity of care is required, in addition to the above, you must submit a medical report indicating the need for such continuity of care.

Sanitas will make payment of the amount within 40 days from the date of receipt of the claim declaration.

No, this coverage can only be used in Spain.

Yes, you can decide which insured person on your policy take this option.

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