Total Protection Addon

A complement for self-employed professionals

From €2 / Month

Sanitas Total Protection Coverage

Covers the main day-to-day needs in the event of temporary disability or hospitalization.

We have launched Total Protection, a coverage for self-employed professionals with which they and their family members will have their main day-to-day needs covered in the event of temporary disability or hospitalization.

This add-on provides the insured with a series of services that may need on a day-to-day basis in the event of such unforeseen situations:

  • Being hospitalized for more than 72 hours.
  • Suffering a temporary disability for more than 72 hours.

What does it cover?

The insured may benefit from the following guarantees:

  • Payment protection: indemnity for the amount corresponding to the current monthly payment of the health insurance bill. (Policy premium).
  • Support in basic household chores: home help to perform the usual household chores, as well as care for children under 16 years of age or with disabilities.
  • Mobility guarantee: cab service for the insured to travel to the office/meetings and to carry out professional transactions during the first two weeks of his immobilization.
  • Home workstation: computer, telephone or remote assistance for the installation of the home workstation for the resolution of incidents related to the private use of the computer at home.
  • Early recovery: home physiotherapy service for therapies prescribed by your doctor as a result of an accident or illness.
  • Delivery of medications and mail to the home. In the case of medications, the insured shall be responsible for the payment of the amount thereof upon delivery.
  • Care of your children. in cases where children under 16 years of age or with disabilities are insured under the policy, they may benefit from the following coverages:
    • Transfer of a family member to care for children.
    • Transfer of children to a relative’s home.
    • Accompanying children from home to school and vice versa.
    • School support at home.

How is the service provided?

  • In order to use the services, the Insured must be up to date with their obligations regarding the payment of the premium.
  • It will be the insured person who will have to contact through the telephone number 91 353 63 48, available 24h 365 days a year. It will be necessary to identify yourself as a Sanitas client and provide your ID number.
  • The coverage will be provided through IMA Ibérica, only in Spanish territory, anywhere in Spain.

What are the hiring conditions?

  • Grace Period: It has a 2-month grace period for new contracts other than at the time of enrollment or renewal.
  • Hiring: It is necessary that it be hired by all the policyholders.
  • Available at any time.
  • Age of recruitment: 0-75 years of age.
  • Age of permanence: No
  • Preexistence: No

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Total Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing that you and your family will be protected can help you sleep better.

Some of the insurances for professionals include this coverage.

In order for the guarantees to be provided, two months must have elapsed from the effective date of this complementary cover in relation to the Insured Party requesting a service covered by the same.

There are exclusions established in general and there are claims that are not considered temporary incapacity or hospitalisation due to their nature. Please read the documentation carefully.
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