U.S. Assistance Addon

Extending our hospital coverage to the US.

From €1.50 / Month

Assistance in the United States of America Coverage

You will be able to access to prestigious hospitals in the USA.

The coverage of this complement offers the insured access to the most prestigious medical centres in the United States. The coverage is available for consultations, diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the insured can benefit from a second medical opinion with the best professionals in the USA, and be able to treat his illness or intervention for greater peace of mind.


  • Access the services provided in the USA by United Healthcare and its medical centres, with prior authorisation from Sanitas.
  • Benefit from a second medical opinion with the main professionals and hospitals in the USA.
  • And what’s more, we take care of all the paperwork so that you only have to think about what’s most important: your health.

Why add this coverage to your policy?

  • Sanitas offers the client this complement for greater peace of mind and security in their illness, treatment or intervention.
  • It allows the insured to access healthcare from a prestigious network of medical centres in the United States, including: MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.
  • They have advanced treatments in diagnostic and therapeutic methods.
  • The coverage in the United States covers 100% of the medical expenses up to the limits of capital per insured and annuity.
  • The client will not have to carry out any type of procedure, as Sanitas takes care of everything for greater convenience.

What does it cover?

It is an insurance policy that has exactly the same coverage that the insured person has access to with their policy in Spain, as long as the appointment is previously arranged through Sanitas, as to access this coverage it is essential that the insured person requests the service directly from Sanitas beforehand. Coverage in the United States covers 100% of medical expenses up to the limits of capital per insured and annuity indicated below:
  • Total limit: 30.000€.
  • Hospital care up to €24,000, with the sub-limit for childbirth up to €1,500.
  • Outpatient care up to €6,000.

How do I use the United States add-on?

  1. Firstly, the client must choose the centre or professional they wish to visit and inform us at least 15 days before receiving the treatment. To do this, they must fill in the following form, available on the Sanitas website, and send it to the address casosolympususa@sanitas.es.
  2. Once the service has been performed, which always has to be authorised by us in advance, Olympus, our supplier in the USA, pays the corresponding invoice and requests the funds from us. The customer does not have to pay anything to the centre.

What are the hiring conditions?

  • Grace Period: Yes.
  • Hiring: Policy level (It is necessary that it be hired by all the policyholders).
  • Can be taken out when the policy is taken out or renewed.
  • Age of recruitment: 0-75 years of age.
  • Age of permanence: Without limit.
  • Preexistence: Yes.

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U.S. Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

They must write to casosolympususa@sanitas.es with the following form filled in, at least 15 days before receiving care at the centre or specialist of their choice. The services in question will be previously authorised by Sanitas, and the client will not have to pay anything. Sanitas, through our provider Olympus, will be responsible for the payment of the corresponding invoices.

The insured person can register at the renewal of his policy.

This complement will have to be contracted by the insured person and all the members that appear in his policy. It will therefore be compulsory for all the members of the policy.

it has the exclusion periods of the Healthcare product.

The pre-existing conditions inherent to the Health Care product.

You can cancel your subscription at the time of renewal.
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